DSL Hell, Again

If you’ve been unable to access this website at any time over the past 2 or 3 weeks, it is because I’m in DSL Hell again. My ISP, Internet Navigator, has been unable to keep my DSL line working for more than 48 continuous hours. Lately the line has been dropping out for 5 to 10 minutes every 12 hours. I’ve complained to my ISP so frequently that they’re now ignoring my problems, and blaming them on QWest, which I guarantee is not responsible for this fiasco. QWest’s lines check out 100% reliable, all the problems are at Internet Navigator.

There really is no excuse for this level of service, nor is there any excuse for INAV techs giving me a response like “you’re the only one with this problem, we aren’t hearing this complaint from our hundreds of other DSL users.”

The irony of all this is that I switched to DSL because I was fed up with the unreliability of my old cable modem provider. I decided tha it would be better to have a more expensive, slower connection but with more reliability. Unfortunately, the new DSL line is more expensive, slower, AND less reliable. Three strikes, you’re out.

I’m continuing to work on the problem, but at this point, it looks like I’ll have to switch to a different ISP. The only way I can get the same level of service (well, the same as I’m supposed to be getting now) will be at QWest’s own ISP, at a price increase of about 30%. This DSL line is already exceeding my budget, now it’s going to break the bank. I’m screwed.

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