Microsoft Kills The Web

Microsoft is about to kill the Web. Due to a court injunction against their illegal unlicensed embedding technology, stolen from Eolas, they are now forced to alter Internet Explorer 6. For years, programmers like me have been forced to work around IE’s ActiveX embedding, using stupid tricks to make our QuickTime videos work in both standards-compliant browsers, as well as the standard-breaking IE. And now I have to go in and remove all of that junk, and replace it with even more convoluted junk. This is going to take a lot of effort to repair, for me and everyone who ever wrote a web page with an embedded object.

But the biggest problem will be with old web pages that are no longer actively maintained. Nobody is going to fix those web pages. Microsoft is going to make unilateral changes that will kill huge sections of the Web. Microsoft is pure evil, this is just more proof, if you haven’t been convinced already.

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