I’m quite pleased with my houseplant lately. I’ve grown it for three years and this is the first time it’s really done anything. Here’s a picture of my plant catching the last rays of the afternoon sun.

I grew this dieffenbachia plant from cuttings. This plant is also known as “dumb cane” and it grows in jointed segments like cane or bamboo. All you have to do is cut one segment and bury it in a pot and it will take root. But my plant didn’t poke up through the soil for over a year. The next year, it hardly grew at all, it only produced a couple of scrawny leaves per stem. So I decided to repot it in new dirt, and it just exploded. Each of the 3 plants has leaves continuously coming in, it’s growing so fast I have to keep rotating it towards the sun to keep it growing straight up. And it only took 3 years of tending to get to this point.

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