MacOS X Imagemagick

One of the few problems running Moveable Type on MacOS X is that the Imagemagick perl module does not run. This is a minor bug, MT runs fine without it, but you can’t use the neat automatic thumbnails feature. But it appears the problem is solved. A note appeared on the MacOS X Perl list about a fix to Imagemagick, it suggests using the Fink unstable-branch install of Imagemagick, and recompiling with a minor change to the makefile. I don’t have time to test this due to a crush of work over the next few days, so I’ll post this here as a reminder to myself to get busy and get this Perl module installed, and also so other people might get a look at this fix and try it out for themselves if I don’t get around to it. Special thanks to both Randal Schwartz and William Ross for nailing this one.

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