I am King of the Geeks

I am King of the Geeks, but my reign will end soon. I recently bought a new dual 1Ghz Powermac, and oh boy is it nice. But I could not afford the top end dual 1.25Ghz machine, so I settled for second best. And suddenly it occurred to me, I have bragging rights to the fastest Mac in town, since none of the 1.25 machines have shipped yet. The new CPUs will ship any day now, but until they are delivered to customers and and I am dethroned, I’m still King of the Geeks.

I love the new machine, with one glaring exception, the video card drivers. On my old G3/400 machine, I used to set my CRT to 1600×1200, but the MacOS X 10.2 won’t switch to that rez. This is not a bug in the hardware, it’s a bug in the OS, since the same thing happened with the monitor on my G3 when I updated to 10.2. I’d revert to 10.1.5 but it won’t run on the new machine. I can set the higher rez under MacOS 9, but that doesn’t do me any good. I’d be really upset about this but I expect the fix is in the 10.2.1 update. I remember when my G3 was new, it crashed continually until they shipped a new video driver a week later, and then all was fine.

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