8 thoughts on “Hailstorm!”

  1. Holey craaaap!
    Those look fun…. I bet you could do all kinds of analysis on the internal structure witht he proper lab environment.
    Instead I’m betting you’re just glad you survived this one with your skull in one piece.
    Thanks for sharing the image!

  2. You’re right, hail has an interesting internal structure. I remember when I was a little kid about 5 years old, a hailstorm hit Iowa City, dropping 6 inch hailstones. The whole city was devastated, my dad was especially bummed because he operated a commercial greenhouse and all the glass was smashed. A few months later, the cover of Scientific American magazine had a photo of a cross-section of one of those hailstones, taken under polarized light to show the structure of the layers of ice.

  3. It sounds like an absolute mess over there! I’d love to come down and see the damage for myself but at this point I doubt I could even get close to downtown.
    My sister’s supposed to me moving into an apartment on Burlington this summer, and now I’m wondering if it’s still even there.

  4. I’m only getting early news reports now, the storm hit after the evening news shows and the first TV reports are just coming in now. Apparently the damage was massive, downtown got hit really bad, many of the houses and apartments near downtown were damaged (zchan, you better find out if your apartment building is still standing, Burlington got hit bad). You can’t get anywhere near the damaged areas to see it firsthand. I was pretty scared for a minute, when I heard there was some pretty serious damage out near Highway 1, just a few blocks from the storage facility where I have almost everything I own in a locker. But I called them and they said there was no damage. That’s a relief. There was no damage near me in Coralville, I was several miles from anything serious. I didn’t even know about the tornados until my sister phoned me up this morning and asked if I was alright.
    I’m taping some news reports now and I will post some videos soon.

  5. Now I feel like an ass for the way I asked for details. Glad to hear you and your stuff is alright.
    Hope Shelley is alright. Either I did not know or had forgotten that you two knew each other.

  6. Oh don’t worry about it, I was probably even more flippant with my silly “Update: Tornado!” quip. I had no idea it was as bad as it turned out.

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