DSL: Good News, Bad News

I was offline for a day while QWest worked on my DSL line, but now I’m back (sort of). There is an abundance of good and bad news. The bad news is that the main trunk line between the telco and my neighborhood junction box was bad. The good news is that they replaced it. It was a long cable run, DSL hasn’t been available in my neighborhood, this far from the telco before. But when QWest repaired the trunk line, they discovered the local line between the junction box and my house was corroded and noisy. So they replaced that too. Now I have all-new cabling from the telco to my home, which will solve the intermittent connection problem. The tech wanted to check my Cisco 678 router and see if it trained. He checked it and said the output port is bad. This would explain a lot of problems I’m having inside the local network. The Cisco router connects and interacts perfectly with QWest and my ISP, however, it has a few problems with everything inside my local network.

QWest says they’ll replace my Cisco 678, I told them that since it was DOA they should expedite a replacement, I’ve been struggling with this unit for 2 weeks beyond the initial install target and they better get a replacement in my hands pronto.

The server and net connections seem stable now, so I’ll leave this running and see if it works. If you notice any unusual problems (slow page loads, unable to stream, the usual culprits) then let me know, it will help in debugging.

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