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I decided to post a preview of my upcoming project, its release was delayed by more than a week. This video is the result of many weeks of painstaking computer graphics work, a job I did long ago. It has not been seen for many years, and this particular version is now in my sole posession. The story of this video’s production is a convoluted tale from a dark time, I will release the story soon, and I will not finish until the tale is told in full. But I have decided to restructure it into a longer multipart tale, to release it over a period of a week or so. Unfortunately, as I began that process, I was delayed by other people’s technical problems which were forseeable, some people like to tempt fate. Their problems will not become any part of this story, that last chapter will be expunged. But the curse has already landed on them as well.
The following BlogTV presentation is a rotoscoped version of the first 7 seconds of the Rodney King video. ISDN-speed users should get a fairly clear image, T1 viewers will be the only ones able to see the full effect. 56k users don’t even bother, you’ll see nothing but a blur, I’m working on a better presentation for ISDN and 56k but this appears to be impossible for 56k. You really need T1 bandwidth for this one. See it now, I’m taking this offline soon, it is not a good idea to publish parts of the last chapter of your story first, especially a first draft.

This is the first 7 seconds of the video, when the cameraman, George Holliday, was fumbling with the zoom and focus. What happened in this blurry section became the major point of the LAPD officers’ defense and the crux of the LAPD4 trials. At the moment the camera starts, you can see the ghostly, blurred images of the officers and King. The police officers claimed that King was upright and attacking them during these 7 seconds, but once the video is rotoscoped, even through the blur you can see that he’s already going down on the ground and taking blows to the head and getting tazered. The camera finally snaps into focus and stability, the video stops here but Rodney King’s ordeal has just begun. Now, for the first time, you will see what really started the Rodney King incident.

2 thoughts on “BlogTV: The Curse of Rodney King”

  1. It still looks like Rodney comes charging out of the car and into the police, possibly knocking one down. It looks like he hit the pavement quickly afterwards, but I wouldn’t have blamed them for shooting him the minute he charged…what if he got one of their guns? Anybody who attacks a policeman deserves a quick bullet to the head!
    Instead they chose to brutally torture him (which I was definitely against)and in doing so,turned a menace into a millionaire.

  2. You are mistaken. Rodney King did not attack any officers at any time during this entire incident. Rodney King is flat on the ground in the first frame of the tape. An LAPD officer illegally strikes King on the head with a nightstick while he is prone and offering no resistance. Then King gets up and flees towards the right in an attempt to escape blows to his back and head, when he gets knocked down again with nightstick blows to the chest.
    FYI, King never received millions, his lawyers got most of the settlement, today King is a pauper.

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