BlogTV Art Stunt: Day 7

I’m continuing to work with the color tempera, it has some interesting properties. Lately I’ve been thinking about one of Leonardo daVinci’s painting lessons. He described how to build the structure of foliage and trees by laying down layers of bright and dark. I’ve used that lesson a lot in abstract painting, my work sometimes deals with fields of color putting “visual pressure” forward or backwards. My work isn’t about trees or foliage, but I tend to work in blue-green colors so people always assume that it is. But it’s not. Anyway, this painting is still in the underpainting stage, far less than halfway to being anything. I like the color tempera, and this size of paper works pretty well for me, but I have to mix huge amounts of pigments. Color mixing is working pretty well, better than I expected. I bought a nice Italian signpainter’s brush, it was cheap, and works great at this scale.

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