I just did something perilous, I did a complete backup of my webserver. I hate doing backups because it’s always the time when an error could do the most damage. The only time I ever had a catastrophic data loss was when I did a backup of all my personal data. I used to put all my data into an early PDA-like product written in Hypercard. I was really organized, I lived my life through my online scheduler, and then one day I did a backup and it died right in the middle of the backup. Both the backup and the original went poof and I was never organized again. Since then I’ve had extreme skepticism about putting valuable personal data into any volatile storage media.

Due to the radical changes on this website, I decided I should set up a proper backup scheme. I set up the Retrospect client-server apps, it works great. I set a script to back up my web server to my desktop PowerMac’s CDR, but it didn’t verify, I wonder what went wrong. I suppose I should read the Retrospsect manual sometime. But it works OK backing up over the network to hard disk, my archive is only about 480Mb and will fit on a CDR so I’ll just back up the server up over the net and put the local archive file on a CDR with Toast. I suppose I’d go to the trouble to get this all working properly if I believed in regular backups.

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