Autumn Wood

It has been cold and rainy this autumn, so on a whim I pulled out some old Kodak PhotoCD scans I took on a sunny summer quite a few years ago. I brought them into the new Photoshop CS for color correction, the new version works wonderfully with the native 16 level LAB format on PhotoCDs. This first photo seems nicely moody, and is almost exactly what is recorded on the 35mm slide. I couldn’t improve on the exposure curves, it was very accurate.


I took a few photos to test out this cheap $75 secondhand Canon AE1, and the lens just wasn’t up to snuff, too much lens flare and insufficient sharpness. But the color intensity was wonderful.

Sunny Woods

The pictures seem to work OK at 72 DPI but I can’t help but think the final reduced photos would be a lot sharper if the camera lens was sharper. Still, 2048×3072 rez was pretty good, way back in about 1994 when I took these pictures. I still have the Canon camera and it’s still a piece of junk.

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