What’s That Weird Red Dot on my iPhone?

What’s that weird red dot on the iPhone icon? It means your iPhone is dead.

My iPhone suddenly developed this weird problem today, I lost my EDGE service which means no internet or email, and no voicemail. The local AT&T Store replaced the SIM card but that didn’t work, and that’s all they can do. The phone still makes and receives calls, but that is the least frequent use of my iPhone.

My iPhone is just barely out of warranty, but Apple’s Customer Relations Department has generously agreed to replace it free, since I have unsuccessfully tried to resolve a couple of other minor hardware issues while it was in warranty. Unfortunately, the nearest place that services iPhones is an Apple Store 250 miles away and I have been unable to travel there. But now this is a major problem, it must be resolved immediately. And Apple is convinced this is an urgent problem, they are shipping me a new phone.

Thank you Apple, this is why we pay premium prices for premium hardware: we expect premium support, and we get it.

Update Nov. 12: I received a brand new iPhone by FedEx at 9:30AM. I plugged in the old SIM card, synced it to my Mac, and I am up and running again in just minutes. That was easy.

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