Well This Really Really Sucks

I’m not sure if anyone is seeing this site outside my local network, so if you are reading this, please leave a comment (you can be anonymous). I just need to know if I’m completely off the net, or not.

I’ve just gone to extreme trouble getting everything working, and now it has all fallen apart. I spent days getting Perl 5.8 working correctly, and now it turns out that QTSS administration requires Perl 5.6. So I might have to do this installation all over from scratch, that’s almost the only way to get back to the virgin Perl 5.6 install on MacOS X Server. At least it should be easier a second time around.

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2 thoughts on “Well This Really Really Sucks”

  1. Thanks, Stu. I probably made a few unstable tweaks since you last checked in, but it looks like I’m getting out on the net.

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