Well This Almost Doesn’t Suck

I managed to get the two major components of this server working together, MovableType’s Perl config, and QuickTime Streaming Server. I had to do a complete reformat and reinstall, but this time it went rather rapidly, since I didn’t let the system upgrade to Perl 5.8 like it wanted to. Now everything is happy with the Perl 5.6 configuration. Perl has been the sole source of misery with this server upgrade. Perl sucks.

Now I just have to get a few things back in operation, like SSH keys, log monitoring, etc. I’m waiting for some details from Apple on one last QTSS configuration option, then I should have the BlogTV services back up and running better than ever. With luck I’ll have the answer tomorrow, if the Apple techs aren’t too busy watching the Apple WWDC announcements, or goofing around at MacHack.

3 thoughts on “Well This Almost Doesn’t Suck”

  1. Thanks again, Stu. Progress on the upgrade is stalled because I’ve been rather ill lately. Solving unix problems while you’re not feeling 100% is a risky proposition, perhaps that’s why things went astray in the first place. I should get this wrapped up soon. I promise.

  2. Still testing, this is a new config on yet another new OS install. Just another check to see if this file posts and cgi programs execute correctly.

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