Victory Over Spam

I am declaring victory in my war against spam. Monday morning is the battleground for spammers, they want to choke your mailbox with their ads when you get to work on Monday. But today, I fired up my mailbox and there was not one single spam, and nothing in my spam trap. I win.

My MacOS X Anti-spam document is a wild success, it’s the most popular thing I’ve ever written. I am pleased with the response, and hundreds of hits continue each day. But the document is obsolete since SpamBouncer was updated last week. The improvements are substantial, and the installation procedures are different. So I am in the process of revising the document right now. I am also producing a second document with some advanced strategies against spam. I use SpamBouncer to trap spam, then I analyze the kinds of spam I get and put in special filters to kill the most persistent spammers. It works great.

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