There Was Beer in the Soda Machine

It’s been a busy week, with too much happening to write about it now. But now it’s friday night, and time to relax. One thing I noticed about this neighborhood, there are beer and sake vending machines on the street. Of course Japan is famous for liquor vending machines, but I heard they were made illegal a while ago, unless they had restricted access like inside a convenience store where the proprietors can keep the minors away from the machine. But in this neighborhood, there are still open, unrestricted liquor vending machines, they even sell liters of sake and whiskey in large bottles, which would explain the high number of drunken homeless bums in the area.

So at 9 PM I figure I’ll pop across the street and buy a One-Cup sake, pop it in the microwave and have some atsukan. But when I put 200 Yen in the machine, all I get is a couple of beeps and my money back. And now I notice the sign I never bothered to read, the machine automatically turns off at 8PM. Damn.

Update: I went back in the daytime when I can read the instructions more clearly. You have to scan your Japanese driver’s license and input your thumbprint. So no sake machines will work for me. Damn.

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