The Whole Warhol

Bravo channel is running an amazing documentary at this very moment, The Whole Warhol. It’s replaying later tonight so be sure to catch it if you can. This show has everything, but my favorite part is the tour through Warhol’s personal archives.

I’m especially a fan of Warhol’s earliest works when he still painted everything himself, his later mass-produced Pop works don’t interest me as much. I used to live down the street from the LA MOCA Temporary Contemporary museum, they had a nice collection of early Warhol paintings, one of my favorites is an odd painting of shoeprints with numbers on them, as in a diagram of a dance step. Warhol didn’t really return to this style of working until he collaborated with Basquiat, shortly before he died.

My all-time favorite Warhol image is a photograph my sister showed me in a Parsons School class catalog. It shows Warhol attending a drawing class at Parsons, there is a row of drawing tables with students working in the background. In the center, Andy with his black clothes and shock-white wig, is standing next to the model: a partially dissected cadaver, hanging by chains from a huge metal tripod.

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