The Large Quantity Barbecue

I discovered an amazing pamphlet from my archives, “The Large Quantity Barbecue” by William Loeffel, Chairman of the University of Nebraska’s Department of Animal Husbandry. This pamphlet may date back to the 1930s, I think it belonged to my Grandfather, he was an old USDA meat inspector and worked around the Omaha stockyards and slaughterhouses. I’ve scanned the 27 page pamphlet and you can download it as a 5Mb PDF.

The Large Quantity Barbecue

The scope of this brochure is breathtaking. This isn’t for someone who wants a steak on the barbecue. This isn’t even for a large party. This book is for someone who wants to turn a small herd of cattle into a feast for hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. Sides of beef are buried in huge fire pits dug in the raw earth. The cooked meat is pulled from the fire with a pitchfork. And everything is immaculately documented, from the logistics of mounting a huge barbecue to efficient methods of rapidly serving the mountains of beef. I salute Mr. Loeffel, the Barbecue Master.

Footnote: I did a little research and found a short biography of Mr. Loeffel (downloadable as a tiny 36k PDF at this link
). It indicates Mr. Loeffel attained the rank of Chairman in 1940, so this pamphlet dates back no earlier than that time. The biography says this was his most popular pamphlet and was nationally distributed. From his biography, it seems that he was quite a colorful character.

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  1. I thought this old booklet was interesting for several reasons — I do not eat much meat anymore, since I do not trust modern meat packing plants. And because of over population, humans R going 2 have to learn 2 eat differently. Fun stuff.

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