The Google of Dorian Gray

One of the endless amusements of blogging is checking your logs and seeing how people find your site, and what phrases they are searching for. Some of the perennial favorites are phrases like “epicanthic fold” and “cisco sucks,” and then there are the scary searches like “innocent children manga.” Once in a rare while I see a search that pleases the hell out of me, like “japanese design or pattern or motif -tattoo” which indicates the searcher wants to look at japanese designs excluding tattoos.

But there is one complete and utter moron who has hit my site over 200 times using the exact same search phrase, “Picture of Dorian Gray.” Apparently someone thinks I am continually updating an article I wrote a long time ago, and it is somehow relevant to their search. No, there is no information whatsoever on this site pertaining to a comic book character named “The Picture of Dorian Gray” or that comic character’s appearance in an upcoming movie. I made one extremely oblique reference to Oscar Wilde’s famous story “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” and there is nothing else about the subject on this site. I have specifically loaded this message with keywords that will surely cause this moron to find this new post, so I have one thing to say to him: if your interests in Dorian Gray extend merely to this comic book character, there is nothing for you on this website. If your knowledge of Dorian Gray comes from a comic book, you will be unable to comprehend my literary reference, no matter how many times you read it. So knock it off, go read the BOOK instead of the comic if you don’t get it.

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  1. Fixed. Perhaps that’s why my old page got so many hits, I spelled it “grey” there too. Maybe someone is searching on the wrong spelling.

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