Texans Swindle Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Newspaper is reporting that Texan stock swindlers have stolen $43 million dollars from the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago. The AIC filed suit in Dallas county court for the return of stolen funds, plus $50 million in damages.

The artworks in Museum of the AIC are donations, and the financial endowments of the donors ensures that the museum continues to exist and maintain that collection. This swindle is a threat to the continued existence of the museum, it undermines the financial stability of the museum.

I note that the Bush administration is rushing to put more federal law enforcement effort behind terrorism, by taking agents from other duties like white-collar crime. It’s open season for swindlers and their Enronomics.

One thought on “Texans Swindle Art Institute of Chicago”

  1. The good news is that as most agents are now working on terrorism, they are not working on an even more impossible cause, drug enforcement.

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