Body Temperature

Last winter, I caught the Swine Flu, I was sick for a whole month. I went to the doctor, they took my temperature, it was 96.5F. I didn’t know your body temp could drop like that, I asked the doctor about it, he said, “it’s within a normal range.” Ever since then, my average normal body temperature has been 96.5F.
This winter, I caught a terrible cold, I’ve been sick for over a month. I went to the doctor, my body temperature was recorded at 93.5F! I thought any body temp that low meant the time of death was within the last 4 hours. At one point, I had a terrible fever, my temp shot up to 97.5, I felt like I had a fever of 104. But I must be getting better, my temp has stabilized back to 96.5.
Next winter, I hope I don’t get a cold like this. I don’t know how much lower my body temperature can get. I’m already at the edge of hypothermia.

© Copyright 2016 Charles Eicher