Weird things are happening. I was sitting at home watching a movie, when I heard the phone ring. I looked at my iPhone in its dock, it’s lit up to announce my friend from Venice, California is calling. So I answer the phone and hit pause on the TiVo to stop the movie, and we chat for a while. My friend says he’s at a shop and he’s found a book about music he could have written himself, and it’s by an author with the same name as him.

So we chatted for a minute, we ended the call and I hung up, so I started the TiVo playing again, and the phone started ringing again. But there was no incoming call, the ringing was a sound effect in the movie, exactly the same as the “Old Phone” ringtone I use. I checked my phone, oops, I left it in Silent Mode, so my phone never rang, it just happened to have an incoming call at the same time the sound effect was playing on TV. How odd.

A few minutes later, the movie is over, I’m watching the TV news. They’re rerunning an old “human interest” story they like to play in the dead of winter, a 1990 report from the warm, sunny beach in Venice, California.

I had to laugh, because I moved away from Los Angeles right around 1990, I used to go to Venice Beach occasionally, so it was like my past history speaking to me. The reporter from Iowa was doing his best to poke fun at the beach crazies, while trying to make the rubes in Iowa wish they were vacationing in the warmer climate of California. But I had a shock of recognition when they showed a scene of some street buskers on the Venice Boardwalk. I recognized them immediately, they were a band of Peruvian pan pipers, I saw them in Venice right about the time the story was taped, and then, incredibly enough, I saw them again right after I moved to Iowa, they played here at a local festival.

Okay.. now I’m starting to get weirded out. I don’t know what all this synchronicity means, except for one thing: I should change my ringtone.

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  1. Once when we were kids, my sister and I turned on the television to make fun of whatever we saw, and the first thing we got was a woman saying ” … make fun of me?”

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