Sudden Surgery

I’m going into the hospital for surgery in the morning. I’ve been seeing a doctor for a few weeks due to stomach pains, it turns out I’ve got gall stones, so I need to have my gall bladder removed. I went in today for another surgical consultation, I expected them to schedule it for a few weeks out, but the doctor said they had a cancellation so I might as well have it done tomorrow. This is rather sudden, but I guess it works out for the best, it gives me less time to worry about things.

I’m having a “lap chole” which is a minimally invasive surgery done with laparoscopic instruments. They say it will be all over in 90 minutes. I’m in pretty good physical condition (aside from my gall bladder) so I don’t expect any complications. But then, nobody ever expects complications.

I was planning to write a lengthy story about my medical travails, but I was waiting for a definitive conclusion. And now it is upon me so suddenly, there’s no time to write about it. So it will have to wait for later.

Update 1PM Tuesday: All done, feeling woozy and sore. Percocet is nice. Need rest.

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