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It should be obvious I fixed up the site graphics. I decided to sit down and learn CSS so I could lay in some background patterns. I hope this design is visually pleasing, but I don’t know if it will look good on everyone’s monitor. If you have any comments then please click the comments link at the bottom of this messange and tell me your opinion. It would be really easy to change things, it’s fun. Oops, I just noticed, all my little horizontal lines don’t line up. I’ll have to RTFM a bit more.

For my next trick, I’m trying to set up an internal email link so you can send private comments internally. This will require sendmail, so I’m moving carefully and slowly. It would be really easy to set up a cgi script to run sendmail that would be a huge security hole for spammers.

2 thoughts on “Site Rework”

  1. well, as a new visitor have nothing really to compare it to, but I like the look as well using WinME and IE6–so shoot me

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