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I started a secret blog. You’ll never find it. It’s just some silly fiction, I thought I’d see if my anonymous writing would find an audience on its own.

I decided to do some “Journalling,” a writing exercise I read in a book by Rudy Rucker, as he interpreted it from Jack Kerouac. You just write down some of the events you see in daily life, as they are happening. But I also follow Rudy’s school of Transrealism, so I make the events just outrageous enough to make you wonder if they are true or not.

OK, I gave you some hints, but you’ll still never find my secret blog.

One thought on “Secret Blog”

  1. Peace,
    Curious about your connection with Arne Lein.
    I came across his book about two years ago and (of course) it mysteriously disappeared.
    Peace, Jane

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