Purple Postage

I had to buy some stamps at the local US Post Office branch, but I’m sick and tired of flag stamps. I asked the clerk for something neutral and without flags. This has been a perilous request in times past, I recall reading one article about how a publisher of a pro-Palestinian newsletter was interrogated by the Police merely for asking about stamps without US flags. But the clerk knew exactly what I wanted, something that symbolizes the sacrifices people were forced to make under that flag.

Purple Heart Stamp

One thought on “Purple Postage”

  1. Did you know that they don’t even give those anymore? Today, if you get a purple heart, it’s a lousy purple colored ribbon. I’m sorry, but if someone takes a bullet for their country, the least you can do is give them a little medal for it, not some lousy piece of nylon. Stop spending $12,000 on toilet seats and there’s plenty of money for it.

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