Planetary Aspects of the Cards, by Arne Lein

I stumbled across some discussions on the internet and discovered I may be the only one who knows certain facts about a mystery. A little web searching indicates this message will be the only published facts about the mystery. So I suppose it is my duty to post the information. Don’t ask me how I know this (ha).

Arne Lein was a famous cartomancer, his book “What’s Your Card” is the definitive documentation of the Card System of Olney Richmond and the Order of the Magi. But since Arne’s death in the 1980s, his book has gone out of print, used copies go for astonishing prices on the used book market. There seems to be a question about the rights to Arne’s books since his death. I wasn’t able to find out what happened, but it appears Arne’s heirs don’t want the book reprinted. Go figure.

The bigger mystery remains, Arne had a second book that was never published, “Planetary Aspects of the Cards.” This was to be the ultimate detailed guide to the Card System for advanced students. Arne showed me the book and complained that his computer, an old TRS-80, was dying and he couldn’t get the text moved to a new computer. I said I’d gladly help him convert it to a new computer, just to help it get published. But nothing ever came of my offer. I saw Arne a short time before his death, I asked about his book, he said he still had it sitting on the old disks.

I suspect that Arne went to his death with a couple of 8 inch floppy disks sitting on his shelf, his magnum opus unpublished. If the family or heirs of Arne Lein possess these disks, they should know that a lot of people would like to publish them.

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  1. The ‘Card World’ has undoubtedly lost more information than we will ever know. The curious can look for works by Iain Mclaren-Owens to see his line of extrapolations.

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