No More Spam

I finally got sick of 50 to 100 spams a day, so I set up email filtering with Procmail. If you can set up Procmail, you are a true Unix geek. I found a simple recipe for Fetchmail/Procmail on MacOS X, all the required programs are already installed, you merely need to configure them. I set up fetchmail to get mail from my ISP every 5 minutes, them Procmail filters the mail, and delivers it to MacOS X Any incoming spam has to run a gantlet of hundreds of filters, I’m using filtration rules from Spambouncer. I set it to reject all mail in languages I don’t understand, like Chinese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, etc. I don’t know why I get dozens of spams in Korean each week, but I do. And now it’s all blocked. Goodbye spam. I set up a little monitor, it pops up to announce each time a spam is killed. It is almost more fun watching the spam die than getting real email.

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