Metaphors For My Life

I went to the store yesterday and bought a loaf of bread. Today I opened it to make a sandwich. This is the best slice in the loaf.

A Slice Of Bread

I lost my Griffin Headphone Adapter a couple of weeks ago. Without it, I can’t listen to music on my iPhone through my car stereo. I looked everywhere for it. Today I found it sitting in my driveway.

Griffin Headphone Adapter

2 thoughts on “Metaphors For My Life”

  1. Want a glass half full?
    Less filling on the bread, less calories, better fitness.
    Oh look! An opportunity to try something new in the car.
    Hey, at least it’s better than saying, “Yeah, it sucks”.
    [Be fair, note that I posted these items without commentary. I didn’t say it sucks, I just said “it is.”
    But you’ve given me an excuse to post one of my favorite jokes:
    An optimist says the glass is half full. A pessimist says the glass is half empty. But a Republican says, “Hey, who drank half of my glass of water?” –Charles]

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