Mac For Sale: PowerMac G3/400 U2W

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I am offering the old Disinfotainment server for sale. I bought this machine in 1999 but due to several exceptional features, its performance has remained competitive with modern Macs, and it has been exceptionally reliable. I don’t want to sell through eBay so I am offering it for sale directly through my website.


This is a “Yosemite” Blue & White PowerMac G3/400 U2W model, an original Rev 1 model with the rare Apple-supplied Adaptec 2940 Ultra 2 Wide SCSI card, and high speed SCSI hard disk drives. SCSI drives are legendary for their high quality and long lives. These drives have been bulletproof, and still have a long life expectancy. I added an Atlas 10K 8.5Gb hard drive, it has exceptionally high performance due to the 10k RPM speed. It also includes a 9Gb Viking II drive, and an IBM 18Gb drive, for a total formatted capacity of 34Gb. The Atlas 10K drive is an ideal boot drive, giving high performance in server functions. I only have 768Mb of RAM in the machine, but that seems adequate for server use. This machine would make an ideal web server, it can easily saturate a T1 line.

One other unusual feature in this Mac is a GeeThree Stealth Serial Port. This could be useful for remote monitoring of routers. Other than that, this Mac is pretty plain, it has a standard CDROM (4x I think), no CD burner, and no Zip drive or other options.

I can deliver this machine preformatted with MacOS X 10.4, and if you like, I can preconfigure Darwin Streaming Server. Somewhere in storage I have the original keyboard (in good condition, I never used it), and even the terribly unpopular “puck” mouse. You can have the keyboard and mouse if you want, but I doubt you’d want them.

It makes me sad to see such a wonderful piece of Mac hardware go unused, so I’d like to sell it to someone who will give it a good home and put it to good use. I’m not sure what this machine is really worth, I’m sure it’s not worth a lot, so I’ll consider any serious offer. You can contact me via email at ceicher (at) if you’d like more information.

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  1. Hi Charles,
    The rain stopped for a moment up here in New Hampshire, so I crawled out of bed and suddenly thought, Hey! I haven’t visited Disinfotainment for years! So there you are again. Your site is, as usual, beautiful, clean, designed perfeclty and all that. But about your Mac: What do YOU think it is worth? I have no idea either. I’ve got a mini running the latest OS and, as a long time Mac user, it is perfect. But I could use another, of course. As for a good home, well, the apartment is cluttered and Sweetpea, my cockatiel, is too fond of chewing on my laptop. But otherwise it would be a very good home.
    Listen–one other thing. If you to my website, please don’t laugh. In fact, I could use some of your brutally but civilized suggestions, if you could spare the time.
    Take it easy…

  2. The new Minis have pretty much killed prices on used equipment, I have another used Mac coming up for sale soon that I figure should really be worth around $1500 but it’s unlikely it will go for more than $600, the price of a new Mini. Sure my old G4 Mac is way faster than a Mini, but most people would rather buy new equipment over an older, faster box.
    I looked around eBay and saw similar models of G3/400s with a “Buy It Now” price of $100, but they didn’t have the fancy SCSI options and extra disk drives, so I figure this G3 is worth around $200 tops.

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