Just One Good Thing About George W. Bush

A conservative blogger recently challenged liberals by saying that if they couldn’t even think of one positive thing George W. Bush has done, they were completely blinded by ideology. I thought about it and I finally found just one good thing GWB has done. He has revolutionized and reinvigorated the Playing Card Industry. This is an actual image from a real anti-liberal card deck.


4 thoughts on “Just One Good Thing About George W. Bush”

  1. Well I don’t know that it was actually him so much as one of the propaganda machine memebers. ;^)
    At first i thought the playing card idea was outrageous but it is clever, in an evil way.

  2. I think Charles should get his head checked. The only good thing that Bush is going to do is loose the next election….that’s it! Not only has he ruined two other countries he is also killing the USA. He is the type that will let the rich get richer and the poor, “well who cares?!?” right, Bush!. Ya Putz!

  3. I’m a conservative, and I respect Bush for many things. Sure, he’s one of the guys who screwed up the economy (it’s not entirely his fault), but he kept the country safe. Ever since 9/11, he promised to keep terrorism off American soil. He suceeded.
    [Of course, since 9/11/2001, Bush’s record has been spotless. He personally prevented the Anthrax terrorist attacks in 2001. And he prevented attacks by Luke Helder the “Mailbox Bomber” in 2002. And he personally thwarted the Beltway Sniper terrorist campaign in Washington DC. And he prevented the bombings at the Mexican Consulate in NYC in 2007, and the bombing of the Federal Courthouse in 2008. And he prevented the Earth Liberation Front’s 2008 arson terrorism campaign in Washington State. You goddam moron, there has been more terrorism during Bush’s term than any other president in US history. –Charles]

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