Internet Navigator Meltdown

Apparently my ISP, Internet Navigator, declared bankruptcy, closed the doors, and walked away. This wasn’t a problem until my connection failed, and there was nobody to reset their routers. I managed to locate a former INAV consultant, he successfully restored my service only 15 hours after the initial failure, but I’ve already placed an order to switch. So things may be a bit unstable over the next few days, as I transition to the new ISP.

I was INAV’s first customer, and I’ve stuck with them through all sorts of reorganizations and restructuring. If I’d known they would come to such an ignominious end, I would have switched ISPs a long time ago.

My email address should remain valid since they sold these accounts to But I will soon be discontinuing that address as well. I am rather irritated to lose an email address I’ve had for more than 10 years, but on a more positive note, that old address is well known to spammers after all that time, so maybe I’ll cut down on incoming spam at the new address. I don’t know what my new email address will be, but I will make a prominent announcement on this blog when I get the details.

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