Inexplicable 1/2 Power Outage

Half the electric power is out at my home. The computers and TV in my office are powered up, but the room lights won’t turn on. The TV upstairs doesn’t turn on. Lights in the bathrooms are so dim they barely light up, but the kitchen lights work. The microwave oven works but the stove and refrigerator are out. I checked the house circuit breakers and they’re all OK. This is incomprehensible, electricity just doesn’t work that way. A power company truck is parked out on the street and they’re working on something, I don’t know what could be wrong but I hope they fix it fast, my furnace is out and it’s geting cold!

I rarely have power outages, I’m less than 1/2 mile from the main power substation. The last time I lost all power, a tornado knocked down the main power lines into the whole city, and it wasn’t restored for 3 days.

Update: the power guy came to the door and told me they were replacing a bad buried power cable, so I’d lose power completely for about an hour and then it would be up and running. I had to turn off the server, now my 60 day uptime is reset to zero, darn it!

2 thoughts on “Inexplicable 1/2 Power Outage”

  1. Hey- this just happened to me (I know this is like 4 years after it happened to you…. but what happened?)
    Did you ever figure out what caused it? Let me know!!

  2. I don’t know the specifics, it was something wrong with the underground power cables. I tried to ask the repair guys what the problem was, but they wouldn’t give any details. I wish I knew what went wrong, it sure was strange, power just shouldn’t go halfway out like that.

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