I’m Back. BlogTV is Down. QWest Sucks.

I managed to get the Disinfotainment server back online, sort of. The web server is working, but the streaming video server is down. This is solely due to the horrible net connection I’m using. QWest has consistently lied and given lame excuses as to why they will not provide DSL to this location, even though they have the necessary equipment in place, ready to go. So I’m stuck on a cable modem, with a promised 256k upstream bandwidth. 256k is just not sufficient to stream video, and I cannot configure the video server to work over DHCP on a cable modem (it requires multihoming static IPs). Even worse, I’m not getting anything close to 256k with this cable modem, I get more like 100k upstream. Pathetic. So for now, I’ll limp along with a text-and-pictures blog, no multimedia streaming for now. We Apologize For The Inconvenience.

One thought on “I’m Back. BlogTV is Down. QWest Sucks.”

  1. Just read the Qwest employee message board if you want to know how bad Qwest really sucks http://groups.msn.com/DSCNNCTDSQWestEMPLOYEEBOARD/general.msnw?action=get_threads
    Every employee at Qwest hates their job and the ones who say they don’t are in bed with management or just say that don’t because they are blind to all the BULL SHIT that Qwest does to their employees and consumers.
    Trust me most people that have dealt with Qwest HATE Qwest unless they are making money off of Qwest like shareholders etc.

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