Migrating from MovableType to WordPress

I am migrating my blog off the old Movable Type platform. My old blog will still be available at the old address until I get this migration completed.

Movable Type is dead. I knew it would die when Joi Ito took over Six Apart, he screws up everything he touches. Despite Ito’s declaration of support for Open Source software, now Movable Type 6 is closed and the price went from $0 to $595. It used to be the predominant blog software, but everyone got fed up with the lack of updates and the security problems, so they moved to WordPress. Now I have to move as well.

Update: I have successfully moved all my content to this new site, but the formatting converted poorly and I may have to edit almost every post I made for the last 12 years. I am resuming light blogging so new posts may appear occasionally, while I sort out the remaining problems and improve the design.

One thought on “Migrating from MovableType to WordPress”

  1. What tools did you use to move to WP may I ask? I am trying to migrate a movable type blog to WP but it’s roughly ~4500 entries and I keep getting timeout errors when trying to import into WP. I am using the Movable Type and Typepad importer plugin but it limits import file sizes to 1mb so I am breaking up my MT export (roughly 20mb) into 1mb chunks but I still get timeout errors and only 40 or so entries get imported.

    [I just used the standard Movable Type and TypePad Importer plugin, it worked fine. But my blog is relatively small. The problem is fixing all my multimedia, I have to edit the html manually and even re-encode some video. I am still working on that. -Charles]

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