Freedom to Fly the Flag

America’s flag has always been freedom’s banner, but lately I feel the Stars and Bars does not represent the America of my ideals, or of the Founding Fathers. That flag is the banner of a government that no longer represents its people.

I was particularly struck by a story on showing the Abolitionist Flag of 1859. 20 stars represent the States of the Union, with 4 red and white bars removed for the seceding states from the original 13 colonies.

Abolitionist Flag

This flag represents 20 states standing united against the evils of slavery, in the face of a terrible and heinous war. This banner of freedom from slavery should be the memorial symbol of the Civil War, not the Confederate Flag.

I noticed the 20 stars happened to equal the 20 Blue States in the presidential election of 2000, so I was inspired to create a “Blue Flag” representing the majority of voters that are not represented in the current government. It will now be my site’s banner, in the upper right corner of this page.

While researching the flag design, I discovered some very interesting
demographic maps from the 2000 election. It is particularly worth noting the Blue States population density concentrated in the northeast US, and the Red States strong in the southern US. It is as if the country is still divided between the industrial North vs the slave-economy South. Did we fight the Civil War for nothing?

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