DSL Hell

I’m still struggling with QWest DSL problems. My LAN is hosed, it takes between 60 and 180 seconds to load pages between machines inside my local network. It doesn’t seem to affect outside users, but I can’t even load self-served pages on my own CPU without the annoying delay. Something is deeply hosed. I’m going through NetInfo docs, but it appears I might have to rebuild a new OS from scratch. My ISP seems to think it’s a problem with the new Cisco 678 firmware v2.4.6, they recommend going back to v2.4.1 which is so ancient that it’s vulnerable to the Code Red worm. They believe the router has trouble recognizing machines within the local net, and that it’s due to a bug introduced in the post-v2.4.1 firmware. That doesn’t sound good. I may be forced to do something stupid like configure a proxy and a nameserver.

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