Dreamhost Killed My Blog

I am hopping mad at Dreamhost, the ISP hosting this blog. They ruined my software setup, a configuration I’ve spent years refining. My files were moved to another server without prior warning, and Dreamhost’s technicians broke everything. Years of my work on this blog are now damaged. It took me over a month to get things working again. As you can see, I had to change to a basic MovableType template just to get things working again. Man is that ugly, I have to change it. Well at least the blog software is working now, even if it is as ugly as hell.

Dreamhost was particularly uncooperative when I discovered problems with their new Quicktime Streaming Server setup. I have years of videos online, none of them worked, due to Dreamhost misconfiguring their server. It took me weeks to get someone to acknowledge the error and correct it. Now it’s basically working. If anyone notices problems, particularly problems with videos, please let me know.

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