CNN Covers Iowa City Protest

CNN published a photograph of the protest I just attended.

Iowa City Protest

At the end of this rally, the organizers announced there were over 300 people at this rally, I figure it was closer to 500. But you would never know from this photo, it looks like this guy was the only one there. As usual, the media deliberately distorted the truth.

Ironically, this is a guy I came up to and offered my Biggie 50 marker so he could blacken in his lettering, this picture was taken before we fixed the sign. They picked this guy because he had the scruffiest sign, torn from a cardboard box with the label still attached. CNN is doing everything it can to disparage the protesters and give them a bad image, and make them look like solitary losers.

One thought on “CNN Covers Iowa City Protest”

  1. Does it also matter that it wasn’t even a focused protest…there was everything from Israel to some Katrina to global warming…. even a fair amount of anarchy signs… seriously, make up your minds……
    [Note: this protest was in 2003, exactly four years ago, and well before Katrina. This commenter obviously did not look at the date of this post. –Charles]

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