BlogTV Live: Art Stunt Day 2

I’m continuing to work on my painting for the second day. Progress is slower, I’m at that point of maximum dissatisfaction with the imagery, so now I have to make radical changes, and each decision is much harder.

I’m having a little trouble working, due to my new eyeglasses. My opthalmologist said I’d hate bifocals so he prescribed me two different glasses, one for reading, one for general tasks. Unfortunately neither set is just right for painting, so I’m constantly switching, and usually forgetting to switch back.

7:17PM – I was too tired to paint much today, I got up too early for the Stevenote. I have to run some errands for an hour or so, but I’ll be in the studio painting tonight. That’s one of the good things about working in black and white, you can work at night under worse lighting conditions than you need for color.

11:30PM – I’m fiddling with the video, trying to get a larger, more detailed picture. I tried setting the size to 240×320, but it would only display a cropped frame. I’m still working on the best way to present this, I need a cool QuickTime HTML authoring gadget. I tried using Dreamweaver MX but it makes you deal with QuickTime through ActiveX. Yuk.

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