BlogTV Art Stunt: Day 4

I’m back at work. I’ve been leaving the video zoomed in so you can see the detail, but it’s still too blurry to see what I’m really doing. I’ll see if I can get some hirez scans when the work is done, so you can see the final result. I looked at the detail video, it looks like black and white video, but that’s because I’m working in black and white. Working in B/W is harder than working in color, and not nearly as much fun. Color can be a crutch sometimes, you can distract people from the problems in your painting with colors. But in B/W, all the flaws are just as distinct as the good bits, so you have to fix things or it all falls apart. I went to the art store and looked at some colored tempera, but they were out of stock on important primary colors, so there would be no way to mix colors properly. I could use acrylics, but I hate using acrylics, if I go to that trouble, I might as well work in oil.

One thought on “BlogTV Art Stunt: Day 4”

  1. Sorry, this isn’t a review of Art Stunt (who am I to critique your work, anyway?).
    Just letting you know that the QT streaming works now (Art Stunt Day 4)! All the other BlogTV’s, though, still don’t.
    Wonder why that is…
    P.S. We communicated before about QT & Win2k streaming problems.

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