BlogTV: Art Stunt 2.0b Session 3

I got a lot of work done in my latest painting session, some ideas are starting to form. You can begin to see how I work, I bring the image down and then back up several times in this animation. I’m not sure I like working in a single color at a time, but this is tempera paint and I don’t really have any choice, I have to wait for one color to dry before applying another.

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This new animation is getting rather long, so I made it 3 times faster. Due to the increased speed and higher bandwidth requirements, I’m not sure if 56k modem users will be able to see this animation. If any 56k users could give a report, it would be helpful. Feel free to leave any comments about the painting, the animation technique, opinions, etc. Remember this is an experiment and your input could help shape the results.

2 thoughts on “BlogTV: Art Stunt 2.0b Session 3”

  1. Y’know I think that first art stunt last year was when I came across your site for the first time. I thought it was a success.
    I thought I was using Linux then, but it must’ve been windows because i could actually see it. On Linux I haven’t been able to see any of the quicktime entries. There are plugins/applications for it but I haven’t got them working yet.

  2. Well, it depends on how you measure success. Artists are their own worst critics, we can never measure up to our goals.
    I heard about the compatibility gadgets that allow QuickTime to run in Linux, Apple also has a QT for Java system. I wish someone would try them and let me know if they can see my streaming videos. I might be able to create a linux-compatible streaming system with MP4 but I’m still experimenting.

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