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I am a bad blogger. I just updated my blog software and posted my 2010 New Year’s Card. Then I decided to check out my RSS feed, and I was astonished to find my 2009 New Year’s Card still on the page! My collected blog output for the whole year fit inside a single, short RSS web page.

In the entire year of 2009, I only wrote nine posts. And I’m paying $120 per year to my ISP, so I essentially paid about $13 per post. And my ISP, Dreamhost, is part of the problem, they wrecked my software so I couldn’t post anything for two whole months. At least my old articles were still available, even if I couldn’t post anything new.

So I have to get back to work writing. And that’s the reason I am writing this trivial little notice, just to put something up and get things moving again. I have had to write this sort of apology before, when I wrote nothing for several months and my blog’s entire front page was blank.

I am planning on reviving some of my oldest web pages that have been archived for years and posting them here on my blog. My old content deserves some place to be publicly archived. But I’m going to have to dig around my archives and find them, that might take some time as I have about 4Tb of archives. And that doesn’t include my pre-blogging archives on floppies and other weird media.

And then there is another reason I wrote so little on my blog, I’ve been writing professionally. There is much greater satisfaction in getting paid for my writing, rather than paying to publish it myself on the blog. And I have the additional benefit of posting my professional writing here too, once The Register releases them from their exclusive rights. So I’ll post a few of my old articles when I get a chance.

2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger”

  1. Been there, done that.
    Trying to blog regularly is one of my ongoing problems, but I think getting and leaving comments helps on both ends, so here’s hoping you have enough posts this year to bump this one out of the RSS feed.
    [Thanks for the comment. It’s been months since I received a comment, that’s the feature that I first noticed was broken when my ISP disrupted my blog software. So it’s especially nice to get a comment after all this time. –Charles]

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