Amazing Device

I just discovered this amazing device and immediately bought two of them. Why did I not know this device existed until now? It completely eliminates fiddling with power bricks that block other sockets.

Power Cord Splitter

One thought on “Amazing Device”

  1. I do not know if you have seen one of these or not, but Ziotek puts out something similar that I like even better: the Liberator Plus.

    The original Liberator was very much like what you have: a mini extension cord that allowed you to plug irksome, bulky wall warts into power strips with outlets that did not acknowledge
    the existence of wall warts.

    The Plus went one better by featuring a pass-through outlet located just behind the plug, allowing you to plug two devices into one outlet, but the pass-through kept things a bit neater.

    Now, of course, manufacturers offer power strips with rotating outlets (Echogear makes a particularly interesting example with 8 outlets). Even so, I have a difficult time trusting anything electrical made in the past decade or two, so I use an older power strip with Liberators.

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