A Visit from the Commander-in-Thief

George W. Bush is visiting our area today. In a few hours he will be here. But nobody knows quite when. Or if they do know, they’re not telling. Security is tight. But not because of the War on Terrorism. It’s to keep the protesters away. If nobody knows where he’s going to be, there’s no way to show up and yell right to his face. Ever since Bush stole the election, the Secret Service is keeping protesters far away where the President can never see them, in violation of their rights to Free Speech. But the protests continue, they will not stop until His Imperial Majesty George II hears the angry voices of The People.
The People have a right to petition their Goverment for redress, even by means of mass protest. If they do not, that government is not for the people nor of the people, and the people must overturn it. We won’t forget what you did, George W. Bush, when we vote next election.

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