A Leopard Trick

One of my favorite obscure MacOS X 10.5 “Leopard” features is the customizable Finder bar. I took a screen cap of the folder with the graphics from my last blog entry.

Look closely under the word “Sony.” There’s a little round icon, it’s not part of the MacOS X icon set. Look over on the left, it’s the same little icon as my Downloads G5 folder. If you drag a folder to the Finder bar, it will stick; option-drag it away, it will disappear with a “poof.” Click on the icon and you’re instantly transported to the folder. I understand you can put other things on the Finder Bar, like apps or Applescripts, but I don’t like too much clutter. It is incredibly convenient to put shortcuts there, it’s much quicker than searching through the sidebar.

One of the reasons this looks so good is because of the beautiful icon. Its gray tone matches the Finder well, it isn’t too intrusive, you’d hardly know it’s there. I found it on a Japanese icon designer’s website, I’d give him credit if I could remember his name. He made beautiful, subtle icons, which were all totally useless to me except this one.

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