2009: Year of the Ox

I usually create a painting for a New Year’s greeting, but this year I just never got around to it. I guess I’ll do a Year of the Ox painting in 2021. I tried to find some time to do a little painting, but now it’s getting to be too late. I considered whether it was too late, when I read a column by Miss Manners . Someone missed sending xmas cards, they tried to cover by buying New Year’s cards, but didn’t send them by Jan 1. So just when is it too late to send a New Year’s card? Miss Manners replied:

When your friends start remembering to date their checks with the correct year or are busy addressing Valentines, whichever comes first.

Well at least this gives me an excuse to use my favorite Dave Letterman joke. It must be one of his favorites too, since he uses it every year.
2009 is the Year of the Ox. Darn it, I keep writing Year of the Rat on my checks!

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