1997 – Charles’ Antique Web Server

It’s hard to believe I’ve had a website online for about 20 years. It seems like just yesterday, it was 1993 and I had just discovered a program called Mosaic. It was a new concept called a “web browser.” My university set up a web server and I created a site almost immediately. I wish I had an archive of that site, it was my first presence on the internet. It even got a good review from Michiko Kakutani. Seriously, she emailed me and said my site was invaluable to her work.

The first web server I ever operated by myself was an mkLinux server, running on a Mac PowerPC 8100/110, what an antique. I just located the backup of that server, I was surprised to see some of my old projects from around 1997. They were pretty good if I do say so myself. But back then, it was just a miracle that you had any sort of website at all. I was particularly amused at my website logo, a spoof of “blue label” generic products.


I think I’ll reblog some of the stories from the old site, they deserve to be resurrected.

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